Inferential Technology Inc. is a technology engineering consulting company that helps clients in diverse industries solve difficult technological problems, develop new concepts which are then leveraged in the creation of new products and services, reduce costs in internal infrastructure, production and product support, process and review large amounts of complex data, and assist our clients in evaluating the most cost effective approach to move their projects forward.

The company has provided engineering services to a diverse spectrum of clients including in the areas of:

  • Broadcast and Recording Industry
  • Military (US Army, US Navy & US Air Force)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Government Agencies

The company utilizes a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines and performs analyses, designs, and implementations using fundamental engineering best practices.

We invite you to explore this website for more detailed information about the services we have provided other companies and what services we can offer you.  Please contact us if you would like to explore employing us in your current and planned technical requirements.