Consulting Experience

This page represents a sampling of engineering work engagements beginning in the mid-1970's that were performed by this company and it's earlier predecessor, Data Systems Engineering, Inc.  While these engagements encompass a wide range of technology areas, they are not meant to represent a limit to the areas that Inferential Technology, Inc. is capable of serving.  The following provides a very brief description of the work performed, and is organized by industry category:


Broadcast and Recording Industry

  • Automated Processes, Inc.

    • Recording studio high-end "mix-down" console automation - digital hardware redesign, developed firmware for two embedded microprocessors, one of which was company proprietary, managed production effort of initial delivered systems (one of which was for Led Zeppelin's studio in England.)

    • PABX/Communicator System - Designed the architecture for a trunked camera chain and on-the-air production studio, designed & developed all firmware for terminals, cross-point controllers, and trunk processor.  Initial systems were delivered to the Christian Broadcast Network's central facility and to MetroMedia's (predecessor to Fox TV) in New York.

  • Atlantic Research Corp./Datatronix

    • Expanded the capabilities of the API Communication System to allow data communications to share a telephone dial-up for remote camera chains.  Developed new protocols,  firmware, and hardware for this feature.


Government Agencies

  • Colorado Department of Corrections, Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP)
    • Restored a non-functioning livestock management system originally developed by a former inmate. Re-hosted the system on newer computer hardware and newer Linux operating system.  Subsequent support provided as a volunteer.
  • E-470 Public Highway Authority
    • Member of a software engineering team that performed migration of the customer relationship management system to the Linux operating system.  Additionally performed analysis of existing software for the real-time tolling system equipment at toll plazas.

Human Resource Management

  • Action Insight, Inc.
    • Primary developer of the ActionPlus© competency management system. This human resources management system is browser-based, and was developed using PHP server-side programming, MySQL and Postgresql databases as an open-source software system.


Medical Equipment Industry

  • Cobe Laboratories Inc. (Subsidiary of Gambro AB)
    • Performed software certification analysis of an automated hemodialysis system.


Military - US Army

  • Picatinny Arsenal (Dover NJ)
    • Lance Missile Electronic Fuze Subsystem Redesign - Redesigned the electronic time subsystem to correct fail-short problems.  Performed failure analysis of existing subsystems.
    • XM128, XM811 and XM587E2 Fuze failure analyzes - Performed various studies to determine potential failure modes, and made recommendations for redesign to improve reliability of subsystems.
    • Amorphous Semiconductor Prototyping - Developed prototype circuits for radiation hardened electronic timing circuits.

Military - US Navy

  • US Navy Logistics Center (New Orleans, LA Document Center)
    • As a subcontractor to Systems Research Group, we were brought in to troubleshoot network and computer performance and server crashes that were ongoing for several months causing a continual loss of work by civilian personnel.  After two days, we had solved the network configuration problems, and had stabilized the document servers.


Military - US Air Force

  • FELEC Services, Inc. (I.T.T.) (Prime Contractor to US Space Command)
    • Developed a replacement system for the Space Object Identify Function (signature analysis system) at BMEWS Site II.  Designed all hardware required to interface tracking radar controller, developed all real-time firmware for distributed system architecture, developed screen graphics firmware for high resolution operator display terminal.
    • Developed an R.F. hazard monitor/event logger for the tracking radar at BMEWS Site I (Thule, Greenland). This monitor was used to protect personnel working in an area previously within coverage of the radar. Wrote all firmware for the microprocessor based monitor and designed an interface between the monitor and the radar's controller which provided the monitor with the pointing position of the radar beam and disabled the radar transmitter upon command by the monitor. Installed the monitor and performed system testing.
    • Developed an R.F. hazard monitor/event logger for the tracking radar at BMEWS Site II (Clear, Alaska). The monitor was similar to the one developed for BMEWS Site I.
    • Designed and installed an interface for off-the-shelf display instruments as a reverse-engineering effort for obsolete storage display tubes used in the DRDTO Maintenance Console at BMEWS Site II.
    • Developed a systems level design for an IFF Processor to be incorporated in a upgrade of the Distant Early Warning System (DEW Line). Design included the development of computationally efficient algorithms to consolidate report runs from the same target, discrimination against ring-around and other multipath problems.
    • Developed a replacement  of report association and Q-point formation algorithms with improved algorithms which made use of adaptive quality estimators. Incorporated design in EBSS simulator for both the BMEWS detection and tracking radars, and validated modifications.
  • Kappa Systems Inc (Prime Contractor to US Space Command).
    • As a Group Leader for a BMEWS simulation system effort, developed and validated a high fidelity simulator that modeled the BMEWS Sites I, II and III tracking radars in scan.
    • Developed candidate report association and other data smoothing algorithms for the improved BMEWS system.
    • Developed firmware for a Data General DCU as part of the BMEWS TOR Upgrade.
    • Performed systems analysis of pulse compression radars proposed by RCA for improving operation of BMEWS radar sites.  Developed candidate report association and other data smoothing algorithms for the improved BMEWS system.
  • Kaman Aerospace Corp.
    • Digital design consultant for Wavefront Control Experiment (SDI Spacelab experiment to correct laser aberrations in space.)

  • Kaman Sciences Corp. (Prime Contractor to US Space Command).
    • Provided software engineering for the Cheyenne Mountain Complex Software Support contract.  Performed studies of breakup processing algorithms, data communications interoperability, and analyzed and corrected on-going program failures.

    • Led Year-2000 study for the Space Surveillance Center segment to identify and correct potential system failures. Discovered much sooner pending failure of entire segment due to epoch time computational overflow in time to correct software and avert segment shutdown.

  • TRW - Space Defense Group (Prime Contractor to US Space Command).

    • Developed a data communications 3277/3278 emulator for NORAD SPADOC System graphics terminals.

    • Developed thread test procedures for Foreign Space Launch (both ASAT and non-ASAT) and for Electronic Warfare and Directed Energy scenarios as part of  SPADOC Mission Application integration project.