Company History

Inferential Technology, Inc. (ITI) was founded by Dr. Frederic Herman in 1993, as a successor to another engineering technology consulting firm, Data Systems Engineering, Inc., also founded (in 1977) by Dr. Herman.  The reason for this transition was that the former firm was focused on specific areas of data acquisition and processing, and in particular utilized proprietary firmware and software for implementing systems solutions, whereas Dr. Herman wanted to redirect future engagements to a more broad range of technology areas including expert systems applications, algorithm and heuristic development, life science applications, and enterprise command and control computing.  A significant part of this redirection was to utilize open-source software products for all computational components of product solutions.

The experience website page therefore represents a continuum of engineering work engagements beginning in the mid-1970's that was performed either solely or through the direction of Dr. Herman.  In addition to this partial list of consulting experience, Dr. Herman's bio includes university level teaching engagements.

The company was re-located to the Albany County, Wyoming area at the beginning of 2014.  The primary intent is to serve the businesses and government agencies in the greater Laramie, Wyoming area.